active projects
pkgbuildsrepository pkgbuilds 11 hours
debsdebian packaging for epiphyte tooling 22 hours
surveyLAN-based survey application 3 days
devtoolsdevtools for epiphyte resources 4 days
appiphytea collection of applications for tooling/deployment needs 4 days
smircsystem monitoring IRC deployments 4 days
radiucalproxy for radius (via hostapd) deployments 4 days
systemssystem helpers, utility, and management tooling 4 days
goutilsa collection of common utilities for writing programs in go 4 weeks
readonly projects
repositoryinformation and maintenance of the archlinux epiphyte repository 3 days
freeradiusfreeradius settings and customizations 3 weeks
phabricator-d-apiphabricator D api bindings 6 months
matrix-d-apimatrix D api bindings 6 months